Tourism that leaves a mark: five places in Europe where your holiday can benefit nature

Sarah Faith is a content writer and curator at the activist travel company, Responsible Travel. There are only 40 to 60 Marsican brown bears left in the world. They all roam the wild mountains and ancient beech forests in the middle of Italy’s Apennines. A vacation there could hold the key to their salvation. While … Read more

Why do sharks struggle to recover?

Thanks to years of effective fisheries management and conservation efforts, the future looks better for some species of tuna and billfish, including southern bluefin tuna, black marlin and swordfish, after decades of declining numbers. However, a new study indicates that some sharks that live in the open ocean habitats of this species still face threats. … Read more

Solar energy company’s solar conservation deal upsets Kern Farms owners | News

A new but somewhat controversial agreement announced Wednesday is designed to allow the construction of four utility-scale solar farms in eastern Kern County by ending grazing on a separate 215,000-acre swath of federal property. This arrangement is intended to offset the negative impacts that Los Angeles-based Avantus solar PV installations could have on environmentally sensitive … Read more

Wild blue-throated macaws are slowly returning from the brink of extinction

More conservation good news: A species of parrot once thought extinct in the wild is now regaining its numbers, thanks to massive conservation efforts. © Copyright GrrlScientist | sponsored Forbes An adult pair of blue-throated macaws (Ara glaucogularis) foraging at Chester Zoo, England, … [+] The distinctive large blue throat patch and blue feather stripes … Read more

Marine Fisheries Conservation Group honors DEM official for promoting quality Atlantic stock assessments

PROVIDENCE, RI – The Department of Environmental Management (DEM) is proud to announce that the Atlantic Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) has honored DEM Deputy Director of Natural Resources Jason McNamee, Ph.D., with its highest honor. McNamee received the 2022 Captain David H. Hart Award at the ASMFC Annual Meeting last week in Long Branch, NJ, … Read more