Canadian Immigration News: What to expect in 2023

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On February 23, 2023, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) released news on Canada’s immigration updates; to realize the full potential of immigration and provide newcomers with the best possible experience, Canada needs an immigration system that is robust, user-friendly and flexible enough to adapt to ongoing changes.
The Canadian government has planned these updates to explore how Canada’s immigration policies and programs could strengthen Canada’s immigration system for international workers. Canada’s immigration system has planned to conduct a survey of the general public and clients, and to hold face-to-face discussion sessions across the country on various topics. The data collected will help guide Canada’s immigration policy to make the immigration process quick and easy.

Canada is known for having welcomed many immigrants from around the world for generations. The Canadian government strives to make the immigration system as fair and accessible as possible. Here we will review recent news and developments in Canadian immigration and provide information on how these changes may affect current and future immigrants. At any stage of the immigration process, read on to make sure you are aware of all the news and changes in Canadian immigration.

Important updates to Canada’s immigration system :
The Government of Canada regularly publishes and implements changes and updates to immigration regulations. When applying for permanent residence in Canada, you must confirm the latest procedures and updates to apply for permanent residence in Canada. Before you apply for permanent residence in Canada, get the latest information on Canadian immigration procedures.

Canadian Immigration News for IELTS
The Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) has stated that it will accept the Pearson English Language Test (PET) for visa applications in Canada.
Towards the end of 2023, the PET will be added to the list of other language tests designated by the IRCC. Applicants in the economic categories can successfully demonstrate their ability to become economically established in Canada through their ETP results. The CELPIP, IELTS, TEF and TCF are the five tests that measure the language proficiency of applicants and are currently available for economic classes under Express Entry.

Canadian Immigration News for Digital Modernisation
The world has always looked to Canada as a model for immigration laws and it is known for welcoming people from all walks of life from around the world. Canada’s immigration system is evolving with the latest technology, including advanced data analytics and AI, resulting in fewer applications in the Canadian Express Entry pool. Through Canada’s digital modernisation initiative, expatriates can make the most of their Canadian immigration experience by keeping up to date with news and developments.
The Canadian government uses advanced data analytics to speed up the immigration process. In September 2022, IRCC moved to 100% digital applications for permanent residence programmes, with different formats for those who need accommodation.

Canadian immigration news for Express Entry
One of the major updates to Express Entry was the NOC 2021 update, which included some in-demand occupations in the NOC list, some occupations were removed, and the Express Entry system moved to the TEER (training, education, experience and responsibilities) category.
The second major update to the Express Entry system affects the CRS score with the passage of Bill C-19. This update to the Express Entry system allows the IRCC to deliberately target potential candidates based on their occupation, language and education level to fill specific vacancies.

News on immigration to Canada for health care workers
The Ontario government recently introduced the Health Act 2023. This legislation outlines the next steps in the province’s plan to reduce wait times for surgery, procedures and diagnostic imaging. In addition, the province’s new “as of right” rules allow it to automatically recognise the credentials of health care workers registered in other provinces and territories.
If passed, and based on input from front-line partners, the Health Act 2023 will strengthen the safeguards that integrate community surgical and diagnostic centres into the health system, improve quality standards and oversight, and protect the stability of doctors, nurses and other public health workers in hospitals and other health facilities. Under the Health Canada Act, and assuming the legislation is in place, individuals will still use their OHIP card, not a credit card, to obtain covered services at community surgical and diagnostic centres.

News on immigrating to Canada for women
On March 23, Ontario Skills will host a skilled trades job fair for young women in Sault Ste. The program focuses on finding ways to use the skilled trades through hands-on activities and connections. Emily Chung, a certified automotive service technician and red seal holder, will be the keynote speaker at the job fair. IRCC has committed $5.8 million to 10 projects until 2025, all of which are supported by the Newly Arrived Racialized Women Pilot Program. According to a recent study, women’s contribution to GDP is growing faster than men’s. Women’s GDP is increasing.

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