How can I move from Africa to Canada?

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Canada is a welcoming place for people from all over the world for many reasons such as education, career, refuge. People who have moved to Canada from South Africa have various ideas of making it their home. Immigrants from Africa to Canada settle in Vancouver, British Columbia and Toronto, where they feel comfortable and have a business. They have a multitude of reasons for leaving South Africa and moving to Canada.

Celebrating World African and Afro-descendant Culture Day in Canada
On January 24, people around the world come together to celebrate African culture through music, dance, art and storytelling. This day is an opportunity to recognize the resilience, creativity and strength of African people and to celebrate their achievements.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently said: “People of African descent have shaped every aspect of life in Canada – contributing to our political, economic, scientific and social fabric. They have made important scientific contributions that have changed our understanding of the world. In the arts, they have drawn on their roots to create music, write poetry and tell stories. And in the political arena, members of the black and Afro-descendant communities are leaders in promoting human rights, equity and justice.
Ahmed Hussen (Canada’s Minister of Diversity, Inclusion and Youth) shared his thoughts for Africans in Canada on World African and Afro-descendant Culture Day – “To promote the goals of the United Nations Decade for People of African Descent, the Government of Canada has made $175 million available since 2019 to support organisations that work towards inclusion and celebrate the contributions of Black and Afro-descendant communities in Canada.”

Steps to immigrate to Canada from Africa
Let’s look at the steps to follow to immigrate to Canada from South Africa.
Step 1: Find your National Occupational Classification (NOC)
As an applicant, learn your NOC, as it is essential to assess it appropriately based on your past and present work experience. This step will also help you understand the type of skills and levels of the NOC. The applicant can determine if they are eligible for Express Entry and understand the TEER category – 0,1,2,3,4,5 and the skill types.

Step 2: Obtaining the Academic Credentials Assessment (ACA)
If you have completed your studies at a Canadian educational institution, the ACE may not be necessary. The COA is a method of assessing whether your education is equivalent to that of the Canadian institution.
You must apply for an ECA for your secondary education abroad in order to obtain your assessment. Pathways such as the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FST) and the Canadian Experience Class do not require a minimum level of education to qualify for Express Entry.
IRCC has compiled a list of organisations responsible for delivering the ACR.

  • Comparative Education Service – University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies (CES).
  • Canadian International Credential Evaluation Service (ICASC).
  • World Education Services (WES).
  • International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS).
  • International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES).
  • Medical Council of Canada (MCC) (Physician Designated Group)
  • Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (designated group for pharmacists).
    The COA received by the applicant has a validity period of 5 years and the COA status must be active when the applicant applies for Express Entry or Permanent Residence.

Step 3: Obtain IRCC-approved language tests
As we know, language tests are eligibility criteria for the different training programmes. In addition, the language requirements are unique for all programmes. The IRCC has approved language tests that candidates must pass to obtain CRS points and qualify.
>>IRCC approved English tests are IELTS and CELPIP.
>>IRCC approved French tests are TEF Canada and TCF Canada.
The results of these tests are valid for two years, after which the applicant is no longer eligible for Express Entry and Permanent Residence.

Step 4: Are you eligible for Express Entry?
A candidate applying for permanent residence through Express Entry must undergo an eligibility check. For each programme, the eligibility requirements are unique and must be met accordingly.
The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points are the deciding factor and for this, the applicant must submit the ECA and language tests to obtain a higher score. When submitting, check your CRS score.
Once your CRS score reaches the desired level, you are eligible to apply in the Express Entry pool and, after submitting additional documents, you will receive an invitation to apply.

How do I immigrate to Canada from South Africa?
For Canadian citizenship, there are different programs you can apply for, but you need to know the purpose and level of your expertise.

For those with good work experience

  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) – if you want to settle in a particular province or city.
  • Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSTC) – if you are qualified in a trade listed in the NOC.
  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) – for skilled workers.
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC) – one year of full-time work experience in Canada within the last three years.

Immigrating to Canada from Africa with family
If one partner or parent is granted a visa, it is entirely possible to bring all other family members. Family sponsorship from Africa to PR Canada is an effective way to reunite families and provide a safe and secure environment for growing youth. With a partner and children, families have the opportunity to provide a better future for their young people.

Immigrating to Canada from Africa on a study permit
The chances of obtaining a student visa are fairly transparent for students attracted to Canadian universities. Upon completion of studies or graduation, the student will be granted a post-graduate work permit.

Cost to immigrate to Canada from South Africa
The cost of express entry for a family of four is $25,000. The cost increases dramatically as the number of family members increases. In addition, the applicant may have to pay visa processing fees, express entry processing fees and other fees.

Employment opportunities in Canada for South African citizens
Yes, Canada does allow South African citizens to immigrate and find employment. However, from the experience of other immigrants, it is not very easy to find a job in Canada while staying abroad. The assurance of a job opportunity, stability and a good salary are part of the Canadian work culture.
Opportunities are available for immigrants who are talented and can integrate through other programs.

Is it easy to emigrate to Canada from South Africa?
Moving from one country to another is not easy. A person has to go through all the procedures to obtain Canadian citizenship. Although there are several programs and options for immigrants to obtain Canadian PR, it is a tedious process. The procedures can take several months or even years. But the trick is to learn the procedures to avoid delays and aggravation.

Canada is a haven for those seeking a successful and peaceful life. Canada has always been looking for talented people to serve its nation, and thereby serve itself.



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